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Weblinks for some of the proud members of The Outer Alliance:

[Note: this list is in progress and will be updated, re-organized and improved over time; we just wanted to start getting some of the names and weblinks accessible to members]

Natania Barron: Writer, blogger

Hal Duncan: Novelist, blogger

Fabio Fernandes: Writer, blogger (“Post-Weird Thoughts”)

Steve Berman: Writer, editor, publisher Lethe Press

Cheryl Morgan: Blogger, commentator

Chris Fletcher: Editor, M-Brane SF and Things We Are Not

Mari Kurisato: Writer and digital illustrator

Cesar Torres: Writer, blogger

Craig Laurence Gidney: Writer, editor at Lethe Press

Catherine Lundoff: Writer, editor

Brandon Bell: Writer, blogger

Kelley Eskridge: Novelist, essayist, screenwriter

Lynne Jamneck: Writer, editor, academic

Stephen M. Wilson: Writer, editor

Chaz Brenchley: Novelist, short story writer

Michael M. Jones: writer, editor, reviewer

Eden Robins: Writer, co-editor of Brain Harvest

Caren Gussoff: Writer, co-editor of Brain Harvest

Djibril Alayad: Editor of The Future Fire

Bart Leib: Editor, Crossed Genres magazine

John Coulthart: Illustrator, designer, blogger

Hayden Thorne: Writer, YA GLBT genre fiction

Melissa S. Green: writer, poet, blogger

Nicola Griffith: novelist, essayist, editor

Maura McHugh: writer, blogger

Sherwood Smith: writer

Phoebe Harris: writer

Deena Fisher: Publisher, Drollerie Press

Kate Burnham: Editor, reviewer, scholar, engineer

Alan Yee: Writer, blogger

Catherine M. Wilson: writer, also at When Women Were Warriors

Malinda Lo: writer

Stephen Harper Piziks: writer

Alena McNamara: writer

Benjamin Solah: Marxist horror writer

Roz Kaveney: Critic, novelist. poet

JoSelle Vanderhooft: Poet, novelist, editor

KL Richardsson: Writer

Tim Pratt: writer

Julia Rios: writer, blogger, poet

Traci N. Castleberry: writer

Anna Caro: writer

Shanna Germain: writer, editor

Roberta Gregory: writer

Julie Andrews: writer

Keffy RM Kerhli: Writer

Stacia Seaman: Editor, writer

Alex Jeffers: writer(sf, lit, historical)

Harry Markov: reviewer, writer

Moondancer Drake: writer (paranormal)

Derek J. Goodman: writer



1. mbranesf - August 20, 2009

Obviously these are not ALL the members or even all the ones with websites. I’ll comb through the message threads in the Google group and try to grab up anyone I may have missed so far. But if you keep not seeing your name or link here for a few days, please speak up or add it as a reply on the “Links” discussion in the Google group.

Also, there is no rhyme or reason as to how I listed these. Later, and especially as we get more members, it will become more a of an organized directory. We already have more editor/publisher types here than I realized at first, so a market directory will certainly be a thing later on.

Lastly, a lot of you supplied much fuller info about yourselves than what I noted above. We’ll get that prettied up later, too, but I didn’t want to go crazy on it until Natania and folks helping her with the web site mechanics have had a chance to make some decision.

2. Derek J. Goodman - September 7, 2009

If you would be so kind as to add my name as a writer, Chris?

mbranesf - September 8, 2009

Got it, Derek! Thanks

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